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A gothic nightmare tale of a hanged man's last surreal moments.


released September 2, 2015

All music, lyrics, general content, and production by Will Gardner
Recorded at Agamemnon Studios



all rights reserved


Will Gardner and the Deadly Ghost Bedford, Virginia

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Track Name: Spider Tales
The sand runs through my veins; a replicated warmth
Displaced and unafraid - the separator formed
Fall right through my hands, erased singularity
Entwined in lethargy
The stone I threw myself

Blades jutting from the maw: coarse in finality
Lamps lit against the frost - a shroud through which I see
Waste away the years, and still without a cause
This tattered standard a love for which we've fought

We're faking, boarded up and laced with hate
Forsaking the promise of your divine estate

I did this to myself
I made it seem okay
I tied the noose myself
I hung it with the weight

Still aching, commiserate my memory
Earth shaking beneath the souls of swinging feet

Float along the brink of madness, and with this shred of doubt...
Swingin' and swayin' - you're swingin' for me

I did this to myself
I made it seem okay
I tied the noose myself
I hung it with the weight of a life without you.

Without you.
Track Name: Lest Our Voyage End
I was saved by the light she shed
Glistening; a little piece of the action
My mistress beckons from her bed
Gazing on my form
(The baying hounds in the distance)
I don't want to fight you anymore
I've got a little secret, wait and see

I'm a living nightmare
And I'm terrified of what the look in your eye intends
Lest our voyage end
The silver is your friend

Stalking among the silhouettes
Thoughts of insurrect
(And how I long for the lucid)
A wicked hour of self-reflect
Lain among the shadows of her face
I don't want to feel you
But I've got a little secret coming for me

Sparing just a moment for my name
Lay me at the altar of decay
Born out of Lycosuran haze
Invite the simple call to eat
To eat meat
Track Name: Safe From Numbers
Drifting through the void
Mouthing every name
Prayers for swinging ghosts
Martyred in their shame

I took the life of those I've loved
I saved anguish to rise above

Decayed echoes of before
Singing as they seethe
Voices of the earth aching to be freed
From the yards of bone
Faces in the trees whisper to me

I forgot myself
A lasting madness conquers me
Flee this waking hell
A feeling I won't live to breathe

Safe from numbers, wait and see
Their milky-eyed soliloquy
Track Name: Slogear
I find it easy enough to grasp - the inevitability of time's collapse
The sobering fragility of love and hate
A silent soliloquy from Mother Fate

Will the sense and sensibilities of modern life
Cleanse the spattering of blood from the shine of your knife?
Will your selfish convictions set you free
From the shameful guilt you hung from this tree?

I will feed upon the anthems you lift on high:
These contagions you've infected with a hellish pride
Now stir into the mixture just a pinch of lust
A page torn free from a book you trust

As I seep into the floorboards, here begins the ache
The infallible calamity you've yearned to make
Still, the heave of self-reflection keeps the candles lit
At the altar of perception, bend your knees and commit

So rally the townsfolk, and sharpen the ax -
There's a payment past-due on my death tax.
Bless the holy water, and ready the pyre,
And seal my tomb with a web of iron
Track Name: Eights
Tugging ever at the back of my mind:
The possibility of waking nightmares
A callous mention of the spit you hold
Without a second thought, now fading fast
I leave my body behind!

Another flurry is the dark whisperer
Beyond the influence of mortal mercies
Perpetuating all the truth between body and soul
The face you wear: a dripping mask
I leave my body behind!

Antiquate our beliefs, set in motion your will
Ancient empire, ritual fire
Breakers upon the rocks bringing news of the spoils
The beast below us, the beast below us

The scene is set and I wanted was an out
Slipping away into this viscous anomaly
Deafened by echoes of the past, your love betrayed
Please still me with your gaze

Will I still wonder if your real, or just a matter of mind?
Do I belong beneath the earth, or is it not my time?
I wanted to fight it, I needed to feel it!

I bled my goodbyes with the tears of tired eyes
Your light has fled my life, but I still reach for the knife

I left my body behind.